Aprons Are Still In Style!

Howdy friends and welcome back to my “front porch”! There is a cool breeze blowing through and a bunch of fresh cut sunflowers sitting on the wicker table. Grab a chair or sit on the swing, and have a glass of cool lemonade. It’s in a plastic cup of course because here on the front porch we don’t do fancy, just friendly.



I just want to say a truly humble and grateful “thank you” to so many of you who have come by for visit on my porch and left encouraging soul good words. To let you in on a little secret, writing for an audience is not unfamiliar to me but blogging is! I do not have a clue what I am doing in the blogging world and I am doing this scared! So it is true, a kind and gracious word goes a long way…your words are carrying me past scared but still keeping me humbly grounded. So please feel free to comment and share your kind thoughts and make sure you subscribe by submitting you e-mail! If you want to know a bit more about the “who” behind Aprons to Iron mosey on over to the “About Me” page and don’t worry, I will save your spot here on the porch until you get back. You can also check out my first blog post to catch up.  And if what you read refreshes your soul, please invite others to join you on the front porch with a “share”.  Continue reading “Aprons Are Still In Style!”

Welcome to my virtual “Front Porch”(and my first blog post)

Since my first blog post happens to be about a virtual “front porch” and it is also National Ice Cream Day…the kids and I are enjoying our cool treat on our front porch this evening.

Howdy! and Welcome! My name is Rhonda and I hope you will find yourself at ease here, kind of like sitting on an inviting, cozy virtual “front porch” of sorts. Sit down, grab a glass of tea or cup of coffee and let’s hang out for awhile, swap stories, laughs and maybe even tissues to dab a tear or two. Let’s come along side one another and find strength for our struggles and cheers for the victories. Whether it’s a good ol’ rocking chair or a front porch swing, I have a seat waiting for you…thank you for joining me! Oh! This is my first go at the blogging world…please bear with me as this “front porch”, will be undergoing some aesthetic upgrades and remodels from time to time, but there will always be a safe place for us sit and “take a load off” 😉 Maybe I will upgrade my real front porch too, and maybe not…just keeping it real 🙂 Continue reading “Welcome to my virtual “Front Porch”(and my first blog post)”