Welcome to my virtual “Front Porch”(and my first blog post)

Since my first blog post happens to be about a virtual “front porch” and it is also National Ice Cream Day…the kids and I are enjoying our cool treat on our front porch this evening.

Howdy! and Welcome! My name is Rhonda and I hope you will find yourself at ease here, kind of like sitting on an inviting, cozy virtual “front porch” of sorts. Sit down, grab a glass of tea or cup of coffee and let’s hang out for awhile, swap stories, laughs and maybe even tissues to dab a tear or two. Let’s come along side one another and find strength for our struggles and cheers for the victories. Whether it’s a good ol’ rocking chair or a front porch swing, I have a seat waiting for you…thank you for joining me! Oh! This is my first go at the blogging world…please bear with me as this “front porch”, will be undergoing some aesthetic upgrades and remodels from time to time, but there will always be a safe place for us sit and “take a load off” 😉 Maybe I will upgrade my real front porch too, and maybe not…just keeping it real 🙂

I grew up in the Texas panhandle, in a subdivision…so front porches were not really in style. We played and hung out in driveways, backyards or on sidewalks. But some of my most favorite childhood memories are of visits to my grandparents’ homes in NC and SC. Both sets of my grandparents had homes with front porches and that is where life slowed down, friends and family were welcomed, tales were told, meals were shared, you could listen to a good rain, watch who was coming or going up or down the road and catch a show of lightning bugs on summer nights. Those front porches were places of safety, comfort, contemplation, wisdom, community, healing, refreshment and rest. Exactly what I want my readers to find here. From time to time we will have visitors to come and sit with us, other women like you and me, who need the comfort of a listening ear, or silent understanding or maybe they have something to share we need to learn… So I hope you will come back and visit often, you have a standing invitation and you never know what might happen here on my front porch… You may be wondering why I choose the name Aprons to Iron? Well, if you come on back  and visit again soon you will find out! Thanks for stopping by sweet friends, I look forward to many more front porch escapades and encouraging conversations.





Author: Rhonda

I'm Rhonda! A busily blessed wife to Michael, mama to 4 and "Nammy" to 3. I am God's masterpiece in progress. Lover of Jesus, my family, coffee, 80's music and a good belly laugh! Here to cheer you on in your journey!

37 thoughts on “Welcome to my virtual “Front Porch”(and my first blog post)”

  1. I am so happy for you!!!! Love what I’ve read so far and love the name of your blog… you go Rhonda! You have my support sweet friend.. be cheering for you along the way❤️❤️


  2. I love this Ms.Rhonda!! And I love you! You have been so encouraging to me throughout the years! Can’t wait for this virtual front porch to grow!!!


  3. Your amazing and I 100% suppourt you and look forwad to getting to sit on your front porch with you and soaking up all your wisdom ❤️ I love you


  4. Love the Peaceful Comfort and Ease of a Front Porch Chat Session 😍 Thank You for the Listening Ear and Silent Understanding as We have Grown in Relationship. Excited to see how God will use this and continue to use You for His Glory and Good. Blessed to Travel this path with You Dear Sister ❤️🙏🏻❤️


  5. Yay Rhonda, you know I support you, you are such an amazing woman and cheerleader to all that know you. Aprons to Iron is perfect. Look forward to seeing all that God has for you and us. 💜🌻😇


  6. Wonder Woman is shining through! Looking forward to reading many more posts! Praying God will use you more than you can imagine! 😘


  7. I so excited that your doing this. I always learn from you. I hope to continue to learn from you and take in your wisdom and your love for god. I love you and your family. In days to come I know something you write I will need in my life. ❤️🙏🏻 I pray for your new journey.


  8. Oh gurrrl… how I wish we could literally set a spell together. This makes me feel like I’m right there.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you as you share from your heart and your porch. ❤


  9. You are One in a Million!! Can’t wait to sit upon that porch, no Keurigs please. We need the whole pot for catching up. Love you!


  10. So excited about this. I always looked forward to when you were teaching Sunday school, as I learned so much! Excited to meet you on the porch, Sista 💜


  11. This is so exciting! Every time I talk to you, it’s like a “front porch” moment! Your kindness, your listening ear, and words of wisdom are always so – honest. So proud of you and can’t wait to read more!


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